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The 2011 Quattro King of the Sea

A bit of confusion but either tonight (Aug 10th) or tomorrow night 20.30pm Jetski Quattro comp is on TV Nemo you will be a star for day

Fished at Pumula on the Durban South Coast and proudly hosted by Pumula Beach Hotel the competition was open to Kayaks, Jetskis, and Ski Boats who all took the opportunity to fish their favourite areas from Port Edward in the South to Isipingo in the North. Over a weekend of flat calm seas with a bit of winter swell it started to show Saturday that it wasn't going to be easy! Two good fish however came to the scales which were 23kg and 19.5 kg These two fish set the standard for the competition and as the fishing Sunday proved even more difficult these fish were to remain the leading fish. 

Final Results

1st 23kg Couta Skiboat Name

2nd 19.5kg Couta Jetski Werner Nel (Nemo)


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