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Jetski Batttery Sea Doo & Yamaha PWC's

Your Jetski Battery is a very important component both on Yamaha & Sea Doo models. Why? beacause if it fails you are in BIG trouble!

Whilst Jetski Batteries are reliable, lead acid Batteries have been around for a long time and even when they are new they can fail.

Jet Ski Battery Maintainance

  • Make sure you regularly check your Battery is topped up to the required level if it is not a Sealed Battery.
  • Check the Jetski Battery Terminals are clean and the Terminals are secure. If not clean and add some Di Electric Grease to protect the Terminals from corrosion. 
  • Check for any physical cracks or damage. If found replace the Jetski Battery.
  • Check the current state of your Battery with a Volt Meter or Battery Tester. If you don't have the necessary equipment consult a Jetski specialist.


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